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Digital Legacy Cabinet

Who Are We

The Digital Legacy Cabinet website works with popular social media such as Flickr, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat to provide users with digital legacy management and inheritance services. This service enables users to bequeath their photos and posts on social media to selected heirs, such as family or friends.

At the Digital Legacy Cabinet website, you will have a private virtual chamber to manage your digital legacy. Your heirs will also perform inheritance ceremonies here.

Digital Legacy Cabinet is working together with popular platforms like Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and WeChat to offer a unique service to its users. This service enables users to pass on their photos, information, and posts on these platforms with their chosen inheritors, such as family members or friends.


With Digital Legacy Cabinet, you can create a private online space to manage your digital legacy. Your inheritors will go through the inheritance process here as well, but they will only be able to access the part that belongs to them. 

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